If You’re TIRED of trying to Potty Train your child with Autism and not seeing results, then... 
Potty Power is exactly what you need! I break it down for you and walk you through what to exactly do, when to do it and how. Step by Step. All you have to do is press play.

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Potty Power is for you if:

  • Bought the Potty Pocket and haven’t even read it yet (and know you won’t at all)
  • Bought the Potty Pocket Guide but haven’t implemented any of the steps because you’re too tired, stressed and overwhelmed at all the things it requires you to do on your own.
  • ​Believe that your non verbal child’s lack of communication is going to be the reason WHY they can’t potty (hint hint.. that’s a lie)
  • Exhausted at the thought of trying to potty train your child “again” and failing “again” 
  • Telling yourself that “you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked”
  • ​Constantly comparing your child to other potty trained children their age worrying that they will be in diapers or pull ups forever
  • ​Looking for specific and clear directions on how to get your child potty trained from start to finish
  • ​Dealing with a child that engages in fecal smearing or isn’t phased by pee or poo in their underwear (if you tried to train before)
  • ​Wanting to make this process as seamless as possible! 

I have the honor of having over 5000 parents in my tribe and potty training has now become the #1 thing parents come to me for support around. I know the biggest hurdles and obstacles parents with children with ASD face when it comes to potty training their children and I have compiled all of the most pressing setbacks in this program and provided solutions.

A sneak peak at what’s inside…

  • The exact signs to look for to know when your child is READY to start the potty training process
  • ​When to HOLD OFF on potty training because this can cause a major problem for your child if you start too soon
  • ​The importance of your MINDSET around potty training and how that impacts the results you see in the bathroom (and what to do about it) Potty Training is a rite of passage from baby to young child. Your child deserves this rite and so do you. I see time and time again that the parent is the one that hinders this process.
  • ​The necessary checklist required to start potty training (and this isn’t your basic checklist it’s not as simple as potty -check, toilet paper-check)
  • ​The exact step by step breakdown of the process from start to finish and what’s required to get your child on the spectrum potty trained; including prompts, prompt fading, positive reinforcement ideas


WELCOME MODULE : My Story & Why Potty Training is Mandatory

I share with you my story, why I’m equipped to potty train ANY child on the spectrum and why potty training is absolutely essential to all children-even children on the spectrum.

MODULE 1: Potty Parent Mindset

What stands in the way of the child fully potty training is…. YOU. (ouch, I know that hurt) It’s true. Time and time again it’s the parents mindset that blocks the success of the child in this arena. In this module you will uncover exactly what’s keeping you and your child from going #1 or #2 on the “golden throne” AND how to break through those blocks and get the results you want.

MODULE 2: Getting Prepared for Potty Training

Learn the times to NOT potty train your child ( to avoid traumatic experiences with the potty) and learn how to spot the top signs that your child IS ready to go all in on potty training. More importantly, I get YOU set up and ready to start the process with exactly what you need and how to use those things. Did I mention how to actually enjoy it too?


It’s go time! In this module I walk you through exactly how to potty train your child. Whether they are non verbal, verbal, sensitive to the bathroom, seemingly “allergic” to the toilet and all things bathroom related, engage in fecal smearing and so much more.
I walk you through exactly how to potty train your child from start to finish, including going #2, how to wipe appropriately AND how to get your child to ask for the potty. In this Module I also walk you through the EXACT process I did for both my child on the spectrum and my neurotypical child.

I’ve also included amazing BONUSES FOR YOU!

1. A live Q&A Call with myself & my Champions For Our Children Coaches where we answer frequently asked questions on potty training

2. A Potty Power Checklist that’s done for you to ensure potty success

3. A Potty Power Social Study that can be used as a Visual Aid and guide for non verbal children or to read to your verbal child to help the process

For just $197 .. join me in Potty Power to gain the knowledge, confidence and proven process to get your child with ASD fully potty trained.. ANXIETY FREE!

You and I both want the same outcome, your child fully potty trained and you to alleviate yet another stressor in your life.

Decide today to make it happen once and for all and let’s do this together.

Say yes to:
  • No more diapers
  • ​No more messes and accidents
  • No more feeling like a failure as a parent
  • ​No more feeling like you’re a prisoner in your own home because you can’t leave your house because your child isn’t potty trained
  • No more worrying about what others think because your child is “too old to be in diapers” 
Say yes today.
Think about this for a moment … 
  • No more changing adult diapers (yuck!)
  • ​No more having to waste money on diapers when your child is ready to be potty trained 
  • Using that money to go out and ENJOY life as a family and make memories!
  • ​No more walking into the living room or bedroom (where your child currently goes #2) and have to smell that lingering stench
  • Have more YOU time for self care or enjoying what you want to be doing
When your child can go to the potty on their own, there is a huge relief that comes and it is available to you.

Here's what Temple Grandin thinks about our Program

Here's what other Moms have to say:

"How we helped Amy be a fierce advocate for her grandsons."

"How I Got Mary's 7 Year Old Son Potty Trained and Out Of Diapers for Good!"

"Rachel's Son Went From The Most Restrictive Special Education Class to an General Education Preschool"​

"See How I helped Valleri's son become more Verbal and Potty Trained!!!"

"How I helped Kim's son become Potty Trained and more Verbal!!!"​

"I never looked at the goals we had for our son with ASD with the perspective that Michelle has brought to our attention. She really gave us a lot to think about - some of which we are not sure we would have ever thought to question had she not brought her experience, knowledge and willingness to help."
Jannell Christenen

"Since the moment we met Michelle, she has literally had us hitting the ground running! She is quick to help get us signed up with the right teachers, the right therapies, social groups for our daughter. She is always there to listen, be supportive, but also knows exactly when to push. This is HARD! And having someone like Michelle in our corner is making a very difficult situation more doable."
Elizabeth Mateer

“I recently worked with Michelle and I honestly wished I would of done it sooner. When my son was diagnosed on the spectrum I felt lost and I didn’t want to accept it. I always knew there was something going on with him and I fought so long and hard for services for him. Now they diagnosed him on the spectrum and it was tough to accept. Talking to Michelle helped me understand how to help my son!

I recently worked with Michelle and it was hands down the best investment I ever made. My child was diagnosed on the spectrum and I didn’t know what to do or where to go. My social circle and even extended family haven’t had to go through this and I felt so alone and as if nobody understood what I was going through. Michelle absolutely knew. She helped me to show up fully for my child and myself. …..”
Lorraine Michaels
"I was in a very dark place, I did not want to get out of bed. I have 2 children with development disabilities and the weight of that has been unimaginable. You really pushed me to get back up on my feet and keep fighting, especially when I didn't think I had any more left to give. I really appreciate you, your support has been invaluable."
Olivia Morgan
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