USE MY 3 STEP PROVEN SYSTEM TO Advocate Like A Boss for yourself and your child, so you can stop living in debilitating fear of the diagnosis and start getting the best results for your child in 30 DAYS!


What Advocating like a Boss is not:

  • A group of medical professionals selling you their ideas of what the "best services" should be for your child. 
  • Therapy sessions for your child making you feel anxious, confused or scared.
  • A recorded series of webinars telling you what you likely already know from your own internet research.

What Advocating like a Boss is:

  • A Step By Step Proven System to empower and ignite confidence in the parents whose child has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.  
  • WAKE UP CALL!!! Your child needs you now more than ever!
  • Let's begin to prepare you to become that Champion for your child.

Coach Michelle here…  I am honored to be with you throughout your journey. I've spent the last 6 years working with hundreds (and I'm talking HUNDREDS) of parents as well as their children.  I've taken their hands and turned them into POWERHOUSE Parents, who stand strongly for their children.

Although most cases are unique to the child, the parents experiences and road blocks are still the same:

  • They don't quite comprehend what's going on with their child and they don't understand the diagnosis itself
  • They have no idea how to channel their emotions and don't know the emotional rollercoaster of a ride they are strapped in for
  • They are experiencing complete overwhelm that is leaving them paralyzed 
  • ​They don't know now what their child needs -especially since communication may be non existent
  • ​They don't know what team they're supposed to put in place for their child let alone pick out the players
"I was in a very dark place, I did not want to get out of bed. I have 2 children with development disabilities and the weight of that has been unimaginable. You really pushed me to get back up on my feet and keep fighting, especially when I didn't think I had any more left to give. I really appreciate you, your support has been invaluable."
Olivia Morgan
Being an expert in therapies & treatments for Autism and having faced this challenge first hand with my daughter, I saw parents struggling with THESE PROBLEMS:
  • Most of the parents are not fully prepared emotionally to deal with the diagnosis. As a result, they can seldom handle what do with their children. 
  • ​There is little information on the internet that can prepare them for their unique situation. Every child is different and has to be handled differently.
  • ​Parents rely on doctors and therapist entirely for the betterment of their child rather than playing their part as a vital member of the team. 
  • ​​Parents tend to cripple in deep helplessness not knowing what to do outside of leaning on "professionals."
It happened to me too.
There is nothing to shy away from. 
Seeing your child struggle to do the day to day activities really takes its toll on you as the parent. Those sleepless nights thinking about what your child must be feeling, how your friends and loved ones will always look at your child differently, how he/she will never get to attend a normal school... 

Those are heart wrenching thoughts that you likely have already experienced, given your situation. 

AND in these situations, it's imperative that you stand like a ROCK for your child.

ADVOCATING LIKE A BOSS is a 3 Week Self Study Course specifically designed with video trainings and lessons to navigate you through this difficult time.

The good news is that you can escape all the helplessness and fear. You can not only contribute to, but also confidently support your child towards the best possible future. 

And that solution is here!

My methodology is proven and I created this course so:
  • You can encourage development for your child with certain skill sets you'll acquire in this course.  (Because your child needs your personalized care)
  • There is a way to have full control in making sure that your child gets the best care out there.  (Because only a parent can access what is the best for their child).
  • ​​There is a way to make sure your child beats the odds and maximizes their future.  (Because no one will care more for your child than you yourself).

With this program you can stand tall and empowered for your child. 



When you join Advocating Like A Boss, you will get immediate access to:

MY 3 STEP PROVEN SYSTEM TO Advocate Like A Boss for yourself and your child, so you can stop living in debilitating fear of the diagnosis and start getting the best results for your child in 30 DAYS!


  • Full knowledge of your child’s needs (so that you have a clear idea of what is ahead of you).
  • Setting definitive goals for you and your child and putting together the star team to work with them. (so that you are not lost or unaware of what has to be done next)
  • ​Strengthening of your mental capacity. (So that you are emotionally strong to handle all the pitfalls that might come your way)

No, I will only rely on outside help.

Your Proven System to Advocate Like A Boss

Module 1. Why you need to be the best advocate for your Child

Learn the reason WHY behind being an advocate for your child and how research PROVES that it’s a must to get your child where he/she needs to be. First Steps and Action Plans provided in a clear cut step by step fashion.

Module 2. Goals, Research, Building Your Team & Execution

Here we establish definitive goals together for yourself and your child and ensure we build the all star team to ensure the best results for your child. 

Module 3. Strengthen Your Mind & Belief Work

Now we have to dive into the deeper work. Limiting beliefs are responsible for sabotaging thoughts and debilitating behaviors on repeat. Together we’ll get to the bottom of anything subconscious that could stand in the way of getting the best possible scenario for your child (and yourself).

Here's what Temple Grandin thinks about our Program

Here's what other Moms have to say:

"How we helped Amy be a fierce advocate for her grandsons."

"How I Got Mary's 7 Year Old Son Potty Trained and Out Of Diapers for Good!"

"Rachel's Son Went From The Most Restrictive Special Education Class to an General Education Preschool"​

"See How I helped Valleri's son become more Verbal and Potty Trained!!!"

"How I helped Kim's son become Potty Trained and more Verbal!!!"​

"I never looked at the goals we had for our son with ASD with the perspective that Michelle has brought to our attention. She really gave us a lot to think about - some of which we are not sure we would have ever thought to question had she not brought her experience, knowledge and willingness to help."
Jannell Christenen

"Since the moment we met Michelle, she has literally had us hitting the ground running! She is quick to help get us signed up with the right teachers, the right therapies, social groups for our daughter. She is always there to listen, be supportive, but also knows exactly when to push. This is HARD! And having someone like Michelle in our corner is making a very difficult situation more doable."
Elizabeth Mateer
Wait! That’s NOT all!
Enroll now and get your BONUS gift of a POWERFUL Visualization Exercise to bring your new reality to life


In this visualization exercise, you will learn how to slow down, get clear and visualize the goals for your child as if they've already accomplished them. Practiced daily, this will be a game changer for you!


One to One guidance call where you can express your challenges in detail and get a suitable course of action from me or someone on my team!


Access to an exclusive Facebook Group where you get to learn from the experiences of existing parents and can talk freely about yours

Bonus 4: The Autism Mommy's Potty Pocket Guide

This Best Selling Guide will put you on the fast track to getting your child using the Potty and out of Diapers FOR GOOD!!!!!!
  • 1. Why You need to be the best advocate for your child (Value $500)
  • 2. GOALS AND TEAM BUILDING (Value $300)
  • 3. Strengthen Your Mind & Belief Work (Value $500)
  • ​5. BONUS! 30 MINUTE PRIVATE SESSION (Value $600)​
  • ​6. BONUS! Autism Mommy's Potty Pocket Guide (Value $47)
  • 7. BONUS! FB SUPPORT GROUP (Value $400)

Total Value = $3000

Your Price Today = $47

“I recently worked with Michelle and I honestly wished I would of done it sooner. When my son was diagnosed on the spectrum I felt lost and I didn’t want to accept it. I always knew there was something going on with him and I fought so long and hard for services for him. Now they diagnosed him on the spectrum and it was tough to accept. Talking to Michelle helped me understand how to help my son!”

“I recently worked with Michelle and it was hands down the best investment I ever made. My child was diagnosed on the spectrum and I didn’t know what to do or where to go. My social circle and even extended family haven’t had to go through this and I felt so alone and as if nobody understood what I was going through. Michelle absolutely knew. She helped me to show up fully for my child and myself. …..”
Lorraine Michaels


I am 100% sure that you will discover a whole new world of hope, strength and encouragement inside this course. I really wish this course was around when my daughter was first diagnosed.  

If you find that this isn’t worth your time and money, I am offering a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

This training won’t stay around forever.

If you miss this offer, you will probably go back to those doctors and endless therapy sessions not having any say in your child’s treatment.

Your might never be able to know what exactly your child is going through and I don't want that for you!


This is your chance to stand up and be that CHAMPION your child is looking for. It is your chance to be the parent you promised yourself you would be when they arrived in your life.  Don’t overthink this. This will be the best investment you make for you, and for your child ! 

  • 1. Why You need to be the best advocate for your child (Value $500)
  • 2. GOALS AND TEAM BUILDING (Value $300)
  • 3. Strengthen Your Mind & Belief Work (Value $500)
  • ​5. BONUS! 30 MINUTE PRIVATE SESSION (Value $600)
  • ​6. BONUS! Autism Mommy's Potty Pocket Guide (Value $47)
  • 7. BONUS! FB SUPPORT GROUP (Value $400)

Total Value = $3000

Your Price Today = $47

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